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Introducing the ELFcare system, offering new hope for millions of people who suffer daily from pain, with its groundbreaking synergistic technology for clinic and home use.

Let ELFcare™ care for your patients!


Mediseb® currently holds ISO 9001 / ISO 13485 ( EN 46001 ) Certification. This registration is in respect to the scope of the design, manufacturing, final inspection, distributing and servicing of Electro-Thermal therapy devices.


ELFcare™currently holds the CE Marking of Conformity for Medical Devices for Electro-Thermal therapy devices.

    ELFcare™products have FDA release for marketing.
       ELFcare™ it is registered and permitted to import, sale and application in territory of the Russian Federation Federal service of health care and social development control of the Russian Federation. Registration certificate N ŌŃĒ 2011/09547.